Thursday, August 25, 1983


1 French soldier killed, 8 wounded in accidental explosion of ammunition truck in West Beirut; bomb explodes in Air France's East Beirut office, 3 injured.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel agrees to McFarlane request to delay troop redeployment, set to begin this weekend, for few days, wants all troops out of Chouf by eve of Jewish New Year, September 7.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: P. Gemayel says Lebanese Forces will withdraw from Chouf when Lebanese Army moves in; Jumblatt says full-scale fighting for control of the Chouf is approaching; President Gemayel urges Muslims and Christians to allow Lebanese Army to take control of areas evacuated by IDF, appoints Druze commander for unit.

US and Other Countries: McFarlane leaves Beirut for Rome, says he sees no prospect of MNF moving into Chouf to replace IDF.