Tuesday, December 13, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Red Cross re- ports Israel reneged on terms of last month's prisoner exchange, citing case of Ziad Abu Ain; PLO claims 39 still held in defiance of agreement; Israel DM communique blames error in ICRC/Israel coordination for reversal of Abu Ain's release. Patron of Birkat Avraham yeshiva remanded for 4 days for disregarding gov't. order to remove illegal structure. Trial begins for 10 Palestinians charged with harassment of Jewish settlers in Galilee and organizing demonstrations. Israel Bonds Organization announces total of $475,434,250. raised in 1983 (compared with $502,144,500. in 1982); total since 1951 more than $6.5 billion.

Arab World: Jordan Cabinet confirms 12 Jordanians of Palestinian origin given death sentences in absentia by special military court for selling West Bank land to Israel.

Other Countries: Gemayel in London for 2 days of talks with PM Thatcher. Responding to reports that Israel asked US for Pershing 11 missiles, Shamir sends message to USSR that Israel would not acquire missiles capable of hitting Russia. UN Gen. Assembly adopts resolution calling for peace conference inviting all parties, including US, USSR and PLO on equal footing [124-4, 15 abstentions].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Abdullah Ahmed Musa, worker from Bir al-Basha/Jenin, found dead near Akka; family fears killed by Israeli vigilantes.

Arab World: US and Israeli navies launch simultaneous but separate attacks on Syrian and Palestinian positions, respectively, near Lebanese coast. Grenade thrown at IDF patrol near Sidon, 2 Israeli patrol soldiers wounded; Israeli truck driver wounded by grenade attack south of Zahrani River.