Thursday, January 27, 1983

Military Action:

Sharon threatens to withdraw IDF from combat area, leaving Phalangists without IDF support, during secret night visit to Beirut to pressure Lebanese leaders, including President Gemayel, to accept Israeli proposals in negotiations; IDF forming local militias in South, called CAUBI (Civilians Armed and Uniformed by Israel), by pressuring and detaining village leaders until they consent to provide names of youth, according to Habbush village Amal leader Abu Ali Rhumani.


IDF Major with nom de guerre of Abu Tamara, in charge of local militia and civil affairs in South Lebanon, says arms to militia are symbolic act, he emphasizes sewing clubs, auto mechanics courses and soccer fields IDF has set up.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Executive Committee concludes 3 days of meetings in Aden, reaffirms Dec. 5 Aden declaration which attacked US policy but did not specifically reject Reagan plan, but PFLP, DFLP, Saiqa and PSF do not attend; Lebanon negotiations held in Kiryat Shemona make progress on ending hostile propaganda, future liaison between governments, but surveillance posts are not discussed.

Arab Governments: President Mubarak meets with Reagan, says withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon is top priority, that he and Reagan agree that continuing Israeli settlement activity is a serious obstacle to peace.