Friday, January 28, 1983

Military Action:

Car bomb explodes outside Fateh military intelligence office in East Lebanon town of Chtoura; car bomb in Beirut's Hamra street.


53 wounded in Chtoura; 5 wounded in Hamra street.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli trade with Lebanon in last half of 1982 valued at $50 million; Sharon invites Soviet Union to have talks with Israel; Army central commander Orr denies the existence of a policy of harassment and severe punishment of West Bank Palestinians while testifying at trial of seven Israeli soldiers in Jaffa; new religious Zionist movement Netivot Shalom ("Paths to Peace") reportedly formed with goal that peace is more important than land, against settlements in densely populated areas of West Bank; Hebron area Village League chairman Mohammed Nasser tells Israel Bonds meeting that Leagues now represent the silent majority.

Arab Governments: King Hussein, on diplomatic trip to gain support for peace, visits Belgium and Spain.