Thursday, June 30, 1983

Military Action:

Syrian Army tanks and forces surround Shtawra; PLO rebel forces move toward Baalbek; cease-fire reported between PLO factions.


1 Lebanese civilian wounded by IDF fire after remote controlled bomb explodes near IDF patrol.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Habib returns to Israel from Lebanon; Hebron municipality electric pylons uprooted, Kiryat Arba settlers claim responsibility.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Executive Committee meets in Tunis, PFLP-GC and Saiqa representatives not present; Abu Nidal group confirms its support for Fateh rebels.

Arab Governments: Syria says it rejects logic of the independence of Palestinian decisions when they concern the Arab-Israeli conflict.

US and Other Countries: US reportedly proposes that Israel agree to a 'date certain' for total, unilateral withdrawal of IDF from Lebanon.