Friday, March 18, 1983

Military Action:

IDF patrol attacked southeast of Beirut, Lebanese National Resistance Front reportedly responsible; 2 grenades thrown at French MNF position in Beirut; Israeli jets break sound barrier over Beirut, fly mock bombing runs in South Lebanon.


1 IDF wounded; IDF reportedly investigating deaths of 7 men whose bodies were found in Israeli detention center in Sidon soon after invasion; IDF arrests sheikh of Jibsheet, Shiite village in South Lebanon, on suspicion of aiding terrorist activity; prisoner in Ansar camp murdered by other prisoners; Committee of Prisoners' Families reports more than 200 Palestinian women arrested or kidnapped by Phalange in Beirut area between October and February.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Science and Development Minister Ne'eman says he will demand extension of Israeli law to West Bank and Gaza and massive Jewish settlement; IDF and Defense Ministry reply to US Marine Commandant's charges, accuse US of failing to honor agreement to delineate military patrol zones in Beirut; Arens tells Weinberger that IDF under strict instructions to avoid incidents with US Marines, proposes agreement on demarcation lines, liaison arrangements between forces.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Army Commander Tannous says non-Lebanese parties are masterminding and staging attacks on MNF to drive it out of Lebanon.

Arab Governments: Arab League delegation, led by King Hussein, with Walid Khalidi representing Palestinians, meets PM Thatcher in London, who reaffirms commitment to self-determination for the Palestinian people.

US and Other Countries: Former President Carter meets President Gemayel in Beirut, calls for immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon, says he hopes Israeli occupation of West Bank will not be repeated in Lebanon.

UN: UN officials say France has expressed concern over August Question of Palestine conference to be held at Paris UNESCO HQ will not take part in preparations or send delegation.