Thursday, March 17, 1983

Military Action:

Italian MNF attacked 4 times in Beirut, returns fire; IDF completes massive military exercise in South Lebanon and Golan Heights, Arens tells IDF in eastern Lebanon to be patient; 500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards reportedly arrive in Baalbeck.


1 Italian soldier wounded in Beirut; in South Lebanon, Dutch UNIFIL soldier stabbed.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: After talks in Cairo, Trade Ministry Director General says Egyptians promised to resume issuing licenses for import of Israeli goods; indictments for conspiring to incite hostility between Muslims and Jews, other acts, filed against 29 Jews in connection with Temple Mount incident; head of Islamic Committee in Jerusalem asks UN Secretary General to protect al-Aqsa from further attacks; fourth school in 10 days closed in Beit Sahour after students demonstrate, raise Palestinian flag.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Executive Committee meets in Tunis.

US and Other Countries: US Ambassador to Israel Samuel Lewis gives Shamir detailed, written proposals for security arrangements in South Lebanon as part of agreement for Israeli troop withdrawal; Pentagon releases US Marine Corps Commandant letter to Defense Secretary Weinberger saying that IDF has been deliberately threatening lives of US officers in Lebanon, reveals previously classified incidents; Garter, in Damascus, says Reagan Administration suggestion that Syria has become puppet of Soviet Union is ridiculous.