Saturday, May 14, 1983

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: 2 IDF reservists sentenced to prison terms for refusing to serve in Lebanon, brings total to 51; Arens overrules Chief of Staff Levy's recommendation to promote Brigadier General Yaron, criticized by Kahan Commission, and appoint him head of IDF manpower and training.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Cabinet unanimously approves withdrawal agreement with Israel, will form top-level team to negotiate with Syria; Foreign Minister Salem distributes copies of the agreement to Arab ambassadors, envoys dispatched to Arab capitals; Arafat meets PLO forces in Bekaa Valley for second time, some Fateh sections refusing to take orders from Arafat or Abu Jihad.

Arab Governments: President Mubarak calls on Arabs not to withhold support from Lebanon, says the Arab position should not prolong Israeli occupation or permit attempts at partition.