Sunday, May 15, 1983

Military Action:

Syrian Army reportedly constructing new fortifications and anti-tank ditches in Bekaa, 10 miles north of IDF positions.


Italian journalist expelled from Beirut by Lebanese security service.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Defense Minister Arens says prototype of Lavi jet fighter will be flying in 1986, it will be the most advanced plane in the world; Central Bureau of Statistics reports record monthly rise in cost of living index for April of 13.3%, 1983 rate to this point is equivalent to 160% inflation; demonstrations in Nablus on 35th anniversary of Israel's independence, 2 men shot, another injured while being chased by IDF patrol, curfew imposed, many arrests; demonstrations also in Ramallah and Kafr Sa'ir, school closed for 2 weeks; molotov cocktail thrown at IDF vehicle near Balata camp.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese-Israeli-US negotiators complete work at Netanya on final language of withdrawal agreement; Arafat says an effective war is only way to redraw political map of Middle East, all Palestinian ranks and leadership are disciplined and committed to national unity; Fateh military officers Abu Musa and Abu Khalid Amia criticize recent appointments by Arafat of military commanders in Lebanon, call for Fateh conference.

Arab Governments: Syrian President Assad meets and offers support to Lebanese opponents of withdrawal agreement, including Walid Jumblatt, George Hawi, Assem Kanso.