Thursday, May 19, 1983

Military Action:

Israeli jets break sound barrier in flights over Beirut.


UNRWA official says about 30 Palestinian civilians have been killed in South Lebanon by unidentified gunmen since January, hundreds more have fled their homes for refugee camps, UNRWA unable to obtain guarantees for safety and assistance of Palestinian camp population from IDF or Lebanese government.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Settlers in Western Negev demonstrate in Gaza against murder of 2 men in Gaza market in past 2 months; High Court increases from 4 months to 1 year prison sentence of Kiryat Arba resident convicted of wounding 5 year-old girl by shooting into house in Hebron; Israeli Civil Rights Movement gives Justice Ministry list of 70 instances during 1982-83 in which Jewish settlers or IDF and border police allegedly acted illegally against Arab residents; West Bank Civil Administration fires Arab director of public health services over his March 31 statement that symptoms of illness in Arraba pointed to something more than mass hysteria; Birzeit University student council head arrested in Jenin, hand is broken by security guard.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel and other officials meet special envoy Habib; commander of PLO artillery in Bekaa says he and his men place themselves under command of Abu Musa, support corrective movement within Fateh.

Arab Governments: Syria says it will never allow the liberated areas of Tripoli and Bekaa to fall into hands of Israel and Phalange; Libya calls for expulsion of Lebanon from Arab League.

US and Other Countries: Habib travels from Beirut via Cairo to Riyadh; Shultz tells House Foreign Affairs Committee Reagan has decided to permit sale of F-1 6s to Israel, cites Soviet military supplies and advisers in Syria as major factors.