Friday, May 20, 1983


3 IDF soldiers wounded by grenade in Sidon.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: IDF builds cement walls to close off two roads connecting al-Arub refugee camp to Bethlehem-Hebron highway after stone-throwing incidents; IDF develops military vehicle for use in occupied territories equipped with tear gas, water hoses and TV camera for collecting evidence in demonstrations; 2 nuns found stabbed to death in convent of Russian Orthodox Church near Jerusalem, no suspects.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese finance minister travels to Iraq for meeting with President Saddam Hussein.

US and Other Countries: US officials say they still do not know who carried out attack on Beirut US Embassy, will not confirm evidence of Iranian involvement; Reagan formally lifts year-long ban on sale of F-16s to Israel, delivery of planes not expected before September 1986; Senate approves $25 lm emergency military and economic aid to Lebanon, ties it to requirement that substantial expansion of US forces in Lebanon, or creation of new or expanded MNF, be approved by Congress; Greece rejects European Parliament vote calling for it to establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel.