Friday, May 27, 1983

Military Action:

IDF on state of alert as Syrians begin military maneuvers near Israeli lines in Golan Heights and eastern Lebanon; Palestinian guerrillas attack IDF patrol in Bekaa; IDF tank hits mine south of Karoun dam, RPG fired at IDF vehicle near Sil, no casualties reported; artillery exchanges in Chouf.


1 IDF soldier killed, 2 wounded, 1 Palestinian guerrilla killed in Bekaa battle.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin briefs opposition leaders on military situation in Bekaa; High Court orders attorney general's office to answer Arraba resident's complaint of beating and electric shock treatment; Justice Ministry official says some Israeli companies are buying and selling private land on West Bank that is not officially registered; trial in Haifa of 5 Arrabe residents accused of trying to poison water supply, blowing up water pipe, damaging road leading to Jewish settlement in western Galilee; Foreign Minister Shamir travels to Europe for meetings in Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: President Gemayel calls for Arab summit or Arab League meeting to discuss Lebanese troop withdrawal agreement; Arafat tells PLO forces in Bekaa that only war can break the present stalemate; PLO military council member says all PLO forces should be returned to Lebanon from the 8 Arab countries to which they were moved last year.