Tuesday, May 31, 1983

Military Action:

IDF building new roads in South and East Lebanon, bypassing villages; IDF constructing new fortifications in Bekaa.


IDF arrests Lebanese suspected of participation in guerrilla attacks.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Military statistics for year ending March 31 show increase in West Bank incidents of 69% over previous year, rise in use of molotov cocktails and grenades, 4417 street disturbances (increase of 79%), 35 schools closed, 66 towns, villages and camps subjected to curfews, 2 Israelis killed, 174 injured, 11 Palestinians killed, 90 injured; policeman to stand trial on torture charges after investigation of complaints by Arraba resident; Attorney General refuses to make public the Karp report on Jewish vigilantism in West Bank; Cabinet economic decisions will raise cost of imports by 7.5%, levy .3% tax on cash withdrawals from banks as partial means of financing Lebanon occupation; 8 Jewish religious students arrested in Jerusalem on suspicion of vandalizing Arab home near their yeshiva; 2 Gaza Strip Arabs sentenced to life imprisonment for grenade attack on Israeli bus in which 8 passengers were injured.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Christian and Druze leaders meeting this week to ratify truce agreement covering Chouf region, terms include entry of Lebanese Army assisted by MNF as peacekeeping force, removal of roadblocks and exchange of prisoners, temporary amnesry, reconstruction assistance for damaged villages; PFLP and DFLP seek to mediate rebellion within Fateh.

Arab Governments: Syrian President Assad forms government committee to mediate Fateh rebellion, Syrian troops reinforce guard around main PLO offices and institutions in Damascus.

US and Other Countries: US defense sources say both Israel and Syria have received US aerial reconnaissance photos since 1976; former Israeli Defense Minister Sharon, accompanied by numerous bodyguards, arrives at Montreal airport under massive security precautions.