Tuesday, November 8, 1983

Military Action:

Cease-fire reduces shelling in and around Beirut; 200 Marines of Alpha Company evacuate position near university school of science, move to base on 6th Fleet ships, 1400-1500 Marines remain onshore; heavy fighting continues around Baddawi, Arafat forces establish positions in Tripoli, area around Arafat's HQthere is shelled.


Amal reports 2 civilians killed, nearly 80 injured in recent fighting with LAF; Beirut airport reopens; general strike in South Lebanon to protest closing of Awali bridges, schools, shops in West Beirut closed in support.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat meets mayor of Tripoli, other leaders, promises to do everything he can to avert all out fighting in city.

Arab Governments: Kuwait's parliament votes to halt $265 m. annual aid to Syria because of alleged support of PLO rebels; foreign ministers of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, Tunisia and Algeria fly to Damascus to consult Assad on PLO fighting.

US and Other Countries: Reagan Administration reportedly plans to establish closer political, economic, and strategic relations with Israel as keystone of Middle East policy, Eagleburger's visit last week to Israel laid groundwork; House approves foreign aid bill with largest sum ever for Israel, $2.61 b. in military and economic aid.