Friday, November 11, 1983

Military Action:

PSP shells LAF and LF positions near Khalde; US maintains stepped-up pattern of reconnaissance flights; cease-fire holds in Tripoli, some fighting around Baddawi.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Demonstrations in support of Arafat occur in Jerusalem, Nablus, Gaza.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Representatives of Lebanese factions adjourn Geneva talks, will take proposals to leaders prior to start of second round of reconciliation conference, scheduled for next week; leader of Islamic Unification Movement militia in Tripoli says Arafat should remain in city as long as he likes.

Arab Governments: Syria agrees to visit by Gemayel next week.

USand Other Countries: Soviet officials end 2 days of talks with Syrian FM Khaddam, reportedly want Syria to restrain military pressure on Arafat, emphasize urgent need to end internal PLO conflict.