Tuesday, November 22, 1983

Military Action:

Tripoli relatively quiet, light shelling and small arms fire in and around the city as all forces resupply; LAF and militiamen exchange mortar, artillery fire in southern Beirut suburbs.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PFLP-GC leader Jibril, in Baddawi, says Arafat has 3 days to leave Tripoli: Lebanon marks 40th anniversary of its founding as a nation, shops and offices close but customary fireworks displays absent.

Arab Governments: Saudi FM, as well as delegation from Non-Aligned movement, in Damascus for talks to end Tripoli fighting.

US and Other Countries: Head of PLO political department Kaddoumi begins visit to Moscow; Reagan meets Israeli president Herzog; Weinberger says Iranians blew up Marine compound on October 23 with sponsorship, knowledge and authority of Syrian government.