Wednesday, January 4, 1984


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: In response to report of arrest of 160 former Ansar detainees, DM Arens says only 16.

Arab World: Fateh Central Committee ends 3 days of talks in Tunis; 5 rebel officers expelled from PLO military ranks: Mohammed Tarki al-Khadra, Mohammed Zahran, Lt. Col. Mahmoud Hamdan (Abu Adwi), Maj. Yusef al-Ajjouri and Said Musa (Abu Musa).

Other Countries: Jury selection begins in Albufeira, Portugal for trial of Muhammed Hussein Rashid (a.k.a. Yousef al-Awad), for murder of Issam Sartawi (4/10/83); defendent denies guilt.


Arab World: 16 Israeli bombers inflict heavy casualties in Baalbek area; 40-100 killed, 360-400 wounded. Lebanese state court reinstates ailing Saad Haddad into Lebanese Army, reversing 7-year-old decision; Haddad being treated in Rambam Hospital, Haifa. 7 West Bank deputies cross to Jordan to attend session of reconvened Jordanian parliament.

Other Countries: Reagan says willing to meet Syrian Pres. Assad if it would help peace in the Middle East.