Thursday, May 24, 1984

Social/Economic/ Political:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Trial of 25 Jewish terror suspects begins, 2 Israeli Army officers charged with bomb attacks on 3 West Bank mayors (1980); Rabbi Levinger released and Rabbi Waldman (also of Kiryat Arba) arrested for alleged links with Jewish terrorists. Za'el Issa Harashe, 34, of Bani Na'im released after 17-yr. imprisonment on security-related charge. Saleh Baransi released from custody. Residents of Deir al-Hatab fight fire destroying 300 dunums of trees and crops; arson suspected. Military court sentences Sharhabil Farajeh of Halhoul to 6 mos. prison on political charge upon return from studies in Jordan. Abd al-Basit of Daboriyah given 6 mos. prison on charge of PLO membership.

Arab World: Lebanese PM meets with US, Soviet and UK ambs. to seek help ending Israeli human rights violations in S. Lebanon; later Soviet amb. strongly condemns Israel's "inhuman" acts.

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli forces bulldoze homes of Qasem, Ali & Majed Sweitat in Izzedin near Jenin, West Bank, claiming they are built on "state land." Mine explodes near Biddu village, killing 10 sheep. Bomb planted in Bir Sab'a Beduin market defused; no arrests.

Arab World: Israeli planes bomb Bar Elias village in Beqaa Valley. 4 Israelis wounded by roadside bomb near Ansariya, S. Lebanon.

Other Countries: US Defense Sec. Weinberger discloses US assisting Israel to develop Saar 5 attack missile patrol boat.