Friday, May 25, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: ICRC reports Israel failing to report arrests within 10- day limit. Nablus and Bethlehem residents complain of water shortages as Mekorot diverts supplies to Israeli settlements. Israel-American Zionists Assoc. in conjunction with Compass-Peltours and Israel Assoc. of Real Estate Dealers announce plan to offer US Jews lots (60' x 60') in occupied territories for $3,600 (including Israeli passport and subsidized mortgage options). Items at Hebron Islamic exhibit confiscated by "civil administration" as "inciteful." 2-10 Golani Druze charged by Kiryat Shemona magistrate for incitement and participation in recent demonstration.

Arab World: DM Arens tells Tel Aviv engineers' club Israel will keep Awali River bridges closed until attacks on IDF in S. Lebanon end. Lebanese gov't. decides to close Israeli liaison office north of Beirut.

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli bus used to transport Nablus labor to Israel burned at roadblock near Qabalan village.