Wednesday, November 21, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: COS Eitan says IDF can do without Lavi fighter. Jerusalem police refrain from seeking extradition of Jewish terror suspect Ira Rappaport from New York, claiming extradition "extremely problematic." [Under extradition agreement with US, Israel extradited Palestinian immigrant Ziad Abu Ain (1982) on basis of hearsay evidence.] Jewish terror defendant testifies MK Rabbi Waldman helped plan 1980 bomb attack on Palestinian mayors.

Arab World: Chrmn. Arafat meets Pres. Bendjedid in Algiers; Bendjedid urges 2-mo. postponement of PNC pending further unification talks. PFLP & DFLP announce their boycott of next day's PNC session. Lebanon & Israel meet in 4th round of withdrawal talks with no apparent progress. Libyan news agency Jana reports Col. Qadhafi meets in Tripoli with Abu Nidal [reported deceased].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Police kill Sharif Taibe, wound 6 in shooting attack on Bir Zeit students demonstrating support for Chrmn. Arafat; curfew imposed on Bir Zeit, police occupy university.

Arab World: Bomb explodes at IDF patrol in Sarafand, S. Lebanon; no casualties.