Wednesday, August 14, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Reagan administration assures Israel it will not engage in "indirect negotiations or prenegotiations" with proposed Jordanian-Palestinian delegation [LAT 8/14]. Rabbi Meir Kahane is prevented from speaking at a rally in downtown Jerusalem. Hundreds, including members of the Committee Against Racism, gather to heckle; Kahane forced to leave after half an hour [JTA 8/16]. Israel unveils first locally produced hydrofoil missile boat; states it will be used to prevent infiltration from the sea [JC 8/14].

Arab World: U.S. envoy Richard Murphy meets with King Hussein [JTA 8/15]. Financial Times reports Jordan will purchase electronic warfare equipment and other high technology items from a list of British defense supplies through a loan backed by the British government [FT 8/14]. Jordan TV reports that missing Israeli soldier Zecharia Baumel is being held in Damascus by the DFLP [JTA 8/16].

Military Action

Arab World: Car packed with 400 pounds of nail-studded TNT explodes in Christian East Beirut, killing 15 and wounding 120. No group claims responsibility [NYT, MG 8/15].