Thursday, August 15, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: U.S.envoy Richard Murphy arrives in Israel without having met with Palestinian delegation; briefs Israeli leaders on his discussions with King Hussein [NYT 8/16]. Three MKs from Tehiya party-Geula Cohen, Eliezer Waldman, and Gershon Shafat-lock themselves inside empty apartment in central Hebron; say they will remain until Cabinet discusses question of expanding Israeli presence in Hebron. Their action follows two previous attempts by Kiryat Arba settlers to occupy same apartment [JTA 8/16]. Al-Tali'a weekly reports Jordanian authorities have demanded dismissal of George Hazboun as secretary of Union of Public Institutions Workers in Bethlehem as precondition for release of funds to the union. Palestinian unionists denounce the demand as blatant interference in union affairs [FJ 8/16]. The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics announces July's inflation rate, 27.5 percent, arecord level for a single month [FT 8/16].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Qalqilya is declared closed military zone following ambush of Israeli bus. Area was searched and a number of arrests made [FJ 8/23]. Land mine explodes as Israeli car passes on its way to Kiryat Arba; windshield is shattered [FJ 8/23]. Israeli soldiers surround group of farmers from Sakhnin village, fire guns over their heads, and beat them. Two children and 3 women are injured [FJ 8/23].

Arab World: Suicide car bomber kills himself and a SLA militiaman when he tries to ram SLA post on the edge of security zone. The Syrian Arab Ba'th party claims responsibility [LT 8/16]. Fighting continues in Beirut, killing 10. Shells strike presidential palace [NYT 8/16].