Tuesday, August 20, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli army evicts 7 MKs from apartment in Hebron, declares area "a closed military zone." The 7 leave but promise to appeal legality of eviction to the High Court [NYT 8/21]. Inspector General David Kraus, Plia Albek, a senior Justice Ministry official responsible for land registration, ad Bank of Israel Governor Moshe Mandlebaum appear before Knesset State Comptroller Committee for largescale investigation into land fraud cases begun by police after upsurge in complaints following arrest of several West Bank judges early in summer on bribery charges [JP 8/21]. Ahmad Odeh, wealthy West Banker, was arrested last week on charges of involvement in illegal land sales. Al-Fajr reported he contributed $30,000 to the Likud election campaign last year [JP 8/20].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Booby-trapped car is detonated minutes before it explodes at central bus station in Netanya. Police round up 100 Palestinians in the vicinity. A telephone caller claims responsibility for Fateh's Force 17 [FJ 8/23].

Arab World: Israeli diplomat Albert Atrakchi, 30, an administrative attache, is killed and 2 embassy employees wounded when 3 men spray their car with kalashnikov assault rifles in Cairo. "Egypt's Revolution" takes responsibility, threatens attacks until all "Israeli colonialists" leave Egypt [NYT, WP, JP 8/21]. Amal militia and the sixth brigade of the Lebanese army attack Burj al-Barajinah and Shatila with heavy bombardments; 24 refugees are injured [FJ 8/25]. Unidentified jets raid Hazerta village in the Biqa' Valley. Israel denies responsibility [JP 8/21]. Car bomb explodes in Tripoli, killing 44 and wounding 90. Caller claims responsibility on behalf of the Revolutionary Christians of the Cedars [NYT 8/21]. In Beirut, 40 are reported killed and 143 wounded in round-the-clock fighting between Christian and Muslim militias [NYT 8/21].