Wednesday, August 21, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Citizens' Rights Movement holds press conference, claims it has evidence that dozens of signatures of West Bank landowners have been forged on land sale documents. A letter from the CRM and the contents of their file on the topic have been handed over to Attorney General Yitzhak Zamir. An unpublished section of the State Comptroller's 1983 annual report said as much as 12,500 acres in the West Bank may have been acquired illegally [PI 8/23]. Israeli Cabinet decides to proceed with development and production of the Lavi jet fighter [JP 8/23]. Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin states Israel is actively looking for American partner to help produce the plane UP 8/22]. The Bank of Israel announces Irael's foreign debt decreased by $690 million between September 1984 and March 1985 UP 8/22].

Arab World: Egypt vows to "spare no effort" in its search for the assassins who killed an Israeli diplomat yesterday [CT 8/22]. Several suspects are arrested. Security at the Israeli embassy istightened [JP 8/22].

Other Countries: Spain announces it will establish formal diplomatic relations with Israel before autumn 1986 [JTA 8/23]. The Daily World reports on the New Jewish Agenda conference held in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the end of July, states it took a strong stand on "mutual recognition by Israel and the Palestinian people of the rights of each to national self-determination" [DW 8/21].

Military Action

Arab World: Shelling in Beirut continues; Syria indicates readiness to take provisional steps toward achieving a cease-fire. At least 42 are reported killed; Beirut airport is closed because of shelling [WP, NYT 8/22].