Thursday, August 29, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli army orders 3 Palestinians deported for "subversive political activity," jails 15 others without charge under administrative detention orders [WP 8/30]. Israeli security authorities are holding an American, an Australian, and 6 Palestinians. The Westerners are accused of transporting Palestinians -said to be a commando squad - to Lebanon, from which the squad allegedly planned to attack Israel [WP 8/30]. Israeli State Prosecutor's Department decides to appeal for tougher sentences for 5 members of Jewish underground [TA 8/30].

Other Countries: First Intemational Christian Zionist Congress ends with appeal to all Jews to emigrate to Israel and to all Christians to give active help to Israel. Final resolutions provide for the creation of a $100 million fund to invest in industrial projects in Israel via a Basel-based company [TA 8/30].

Military Action

Arab World: Rival Druze and Shi'ite militias battle for control of West Beirut; fighting continues along the green line between east and west Beirut; 6 dead and 15 wounded. Christian and Muslim militias exchange 22 kidnap victims [NYT 8/30]. Fighting breaks out in Tripoli between pro-Syrian and Muslim fundamentalist militias [PI 8/30]. The SLA shells Sidon, apparently in revenge for 8/28 suicide car bombing of its checkpoint [PI 8/30].