Thursday, July 18, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: U.S. says Israel cannot veto list of Palestinians for talks [NYT 7/19]. State Department says chief criterion for deciding to procede with negotiations is "whether it would help promote direct Arab-Israeli negotiations" [WP 7/19]. East Jerusalem newspaper al-Quds publishes list of 7 names for proposed joint delegation: Khaled al-Hasan, head of the PNC's foreign affairs committee; Fayez Abu Rahmeh, ex-head of Gaza Bar Association; Hatim al-Husseini, professor at Shaw University, Raleigh, N.C.; Salah al-Ta'amari, member of the PLO's Supreme Military Council; Nabil Sha'th, PNC member; Hanna Siniora, editor of al-Fajr newspaper; and Muhammad Subayh, PNC member. Henry Cattan, Paris-based lawyer and historian, is also mentioned as alternate [NYT 7/19, LAT 7/19]. Modi'in Ezrahi poll finds 12.7 percent of Israelis favor peace talks, regardless of which Palestinians participate; 33 percent oppose talks with any Palestinians [JP 7/19]. U.S. military delegation headed by Undersecretary of State William Schneider and General Philip Gast begins annual talks in Tel Aviv on scope of future U.S. military aid to Israel [JTA 7/19]. Orthodox Jews hold mass pray-in at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City to protest construction of Mormon center they fear will be used to convert Jews. Israel's two chief rabbis endorse the event [LAT 7/19].

Arab World: Office of Arab Boycott of Israel, at biannual meeting in Damascus, removes Ford, Bayer, Colgate Palmolive, and 6 companies and individuals from other countries from its blacklist; 28 new companies added [FT, LAT 7/19].

Other Countries: Bomb explodes, wrecking house and car of the PLO's acting chief representative in Cyprus, Malath 'Abdu; no injuries reported [WP 7/18]. The Guardian reports 2 Palestinians were arrested by police in Madrid last week while allegedly planning to blow up Syrian embassy and assassinate ambassador. Suspects allegedly belong to Fateh's Force 17; police discovered TNT, arms, ammunition, a detonator, and a time fuse when they raided a flat in connection with the arrests [MG 7/19].

Other Countries: Soviet spokesman denies Moscow would make deal with Israel on increased Jewish emigration to Israel [DT 7/19]. Israel Radio reports Soviets want emigration guaranteed to Israel, not to other countries; want anti-Soviet propaganda stopped in the West [CT 7/21]. Moscow states goal as progress on Golan Heights [NYT 7/20]. U.S. officials state U.S. would welcome Soviet resumption of ties with Israel as constructive behavior in Middle East [LT 7/20].