Thursday, May 9, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Border Police guarding Jewish undergroundefendants allow them to go swimming in Netanya following court proceedings [JP 5/10]. IDF open main entrance of Dheisheh camp [closed 6/83]; 18 others remain closed [FJ 5/17].

Other Countries: In Lisbon, US Sec. of State Shultz states Palestinian participation in negotiations "essential"; indicates he will discuss specific names of Palestinians during coming visit with Arab, Israeli leaders [NYT 5/10]. Chmn. Arafat arrives in Beijing seeking Chinese support for Palestinian-Jordanian peace efforts [NYT 5/10].

Military Action

Arab World: Action in S. Lebanon: 21-yr.-old Wafa Nur al-Din detonates bomb hidden in suitcase, killing herself and 2 others, including SLA officer [MG, TS 5/10].