Friday, May 10, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: PM Peres, Deputy Premier Shamir tell US Sec. of State Shultz that Israel will not meet with Palestinian-Jordanian delegation including members of Palestine National Council (US considers the PNC and PLO separate organizations and was considering Jordanian suggestion that PNC members be included in proposed joint delegation) [LAT 5/11]. Peres indicates he has no objections to US meeting with Palestinian-Jordanian delegation if such meeting would promote future direct talks with Israel [NYT 5/12]. Police inquiry appointed to investigate 5/7, 5/9 incidents in which Border Police afforded Jewish underground defendantspecial privileges [JP 5/10]. Jewish Agency announces 4 new settlements to be erected within 4 mos. [WP 5/11]. "First Conference on Palestinian Thought" opens in Nazareth [FJ 5/17].

Other Countries: Chinese PM Zhao Ziyang tells Chmn. Arafat China supports proposals for intl. conference under UN auspices dealing with peace in the Middle East [LAT 5/11]. In Portugal, Yusuf al-Awad is acquitted of 1983 assassination of Issam Sartawi [WP 5/11].