Saturday, October 12, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: MK Meir Kahane sues State Dept. over his loss of U.S. citizenship [BG 10/13; WP 10/15].

Arab World: Pres. Mubarak accuses U.S. of "piracy" in interception of Egyptian plane carrying 4 hijackers, says action could obstruct the M.E. peace process [NYT, WP 10/13]. Thousands of rock-throwing demonstrators clash with police outside Cairo University [WP, BG 10/13]. All 4 members of joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation have arrived in London for talks with British Foreign Ministry. They are: Jordanian Deputy P.M. 'Abd al-Wahab al-Majali; Jordanian For. Min. Tahir al-Masri; PLO delegate Bishop Iliyas Khuri; and former West Bank Mayor Muhammad Milham [LT 10/13]. Beirut newspaper publishes photo which Islamic Jihad group claims is corpse of kidnapped American William Buckley. Jihad offers to turn body over in exchange for release of 100 Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Jihad claims it executed Buckley on 10/4 in retaliation for Israeli bombing of PLO headquarters in Tunis [NYT 10/13].

Other Countries: Pres. Reagan orders federal bomb experts to investigate bombing of ADC office in Santa Ana, Calif. which killed Alex Odeh [BG 10/13]. Muhammed (Abu) al-'Abbas and another unidentified PLO official are reported to leave Italy for Yugoslavia after U.S. officials issue warrant for 'Abbas' arrest [NYT 10/13]. FBI Dir. William Webster states 2 "crack teams" of agents have been sent to Italy to monitor prosecution of hijackers, FBI is increasing surveillance of several pro-Palestinian groups in the U.S. to "guard against possible retaliation" [BG 10/13].