Sunday, October 13, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli officials state that during his upcoming visit to Washington, P.M. Peres will seek to use the publicity of the Achille Lauro affair to exclude the PLO from the M.E. peace process [WP 10/14]. P.M. Peres denies he notified the Soviets he might be willing to return the Golan Heights in exchange for an increase in Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union and restoration of diplomatic ties [JP 10/14].

Arab World: Muhammad 'Abbas states 4 hijackers told him they did not kill anyone, that Leon Klinghoffer probably died of a heart attack [NYT 10/14]. 'Abbas is quoted as saying the original destination of the hijackers was "the Israeli port of Ashdod for the purpose of carrying out a suicide mission inside the occupied territory" [MG 10/14].

Other Countries: U.S. delivers "firm and severe" protest over Italy's decision to let 'Abbas and another PLO official leave for Yugoslavia [WP 10/14]. FBI Dir. William Webster states Yugoslavia has turned down U. S. request to detain 'Abbas [LAT 10/14]. FBI head William Webster states bombing of Santa Ana office of ADC "corresponds to some bombings on the East Coast, directed at people believed to be hostile to Israel," implies the Jewish Defense League is under suspicion [MG 10/14].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinian attacks an Israeli with a hatchet in the town of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, wounding him slightly. Part of the town is placed under curfew [TS, MG 10/14].