Friday, October 18, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Foreign Ministry releases 27-page white paper on PLO activity which is to be basis for worldwide "information campaign" aimed at discrediting PLO as participant in M.E. peace process. Paper states PLO planned or carried out 380 attacks since 11 February Hussein-Arafat agreement was concluded, killing 19 and injuring over 100 [LAT, LT 10/19]. P.M. Shimon Peres states Israel will accept Jordan's proposal for an international conference provided Israel is not required to sit down with nations which do not have diplomatic relations with it [LAT, BG 10/19]. Palestinian political prisoners inJnayd prison end hunger strike begun 10/8 [FJ 11/1].

Other Countries: U.S. Deputy Asst. Sec. of State John C. Whitehead travels to Italy and Egypt in attempt to smooth relations following Achille Lauro affair [WP 10/19]. Senate Republican leaders warn Sec. of State Shultz admin. will face opposition in proposed arms sale to Jordan; White House will at best have to accept conditions on sale to avoid embarrassing defeat [WP, CT 10/19]. Sen. Edward Kennedy announces 43 Democrats and 28 Republicans, three-quarters of the Senate, have agreed to cosponsor measure prohibiting the sale [BG 10/19]. Jewish Press reports U.S. Sec. of Def. Weinberger attempted to talk Pres. Reagan out of the plan to intercept Egyptian plane carrying 4 hijackers [JWP 10/18].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli tour guide is stabbed by 3 unidentified men while showing 3 Danish tourists around ruins near Nablus. Area is curfewed: no arrests are reported [NYT 10/19].