Monday, September 2, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Another 20 Palestinians are put under administrative detention [NYT, LT 9/4]. Military review board rejects appeals submitted by 3 West Bank Palestinians against deportation orders issued against them a week ago. They are expected to appeal to Israeli High Court [FT 9/4]. Shafiqa Abu Sitteh, 25, "accidentally" shot by Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip last week, dies from her wounds in Beersheba Hospital [FJ 9/6]. Israeli army spokesman reports Iraeli navy seized another yacht, the Gandha, off the coast of southern Lebanon on 8/31, arresting 2 Palestinians, a Greek, and a Briton who were aboard. Spokesman states Palestinians confessed to being members of Fateh and to planning attack against targets inside Israel. Def. Min. Yitzhak Rabin states Israeli navy will intercept vessels anywhere in the Mediterranean to prevent attacks on Israeli targets [LT, CT, MG, JP 9/3]. Israeli Chief of Staff Moshe Levy tours Golan Heights and declares 2-kilometer-wide strip along demarcation line a closed military zone. Army is reportedly building new fortifications and strengthening forces in the Golan [FJ 9/6]. Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports a Modi'in Ezrachi poll shows 60% of Israeli adult public favor amnesty for imprisoned members of Jewish underground; 34% oppose it UTA 9/3].

Other Countries: New York Times reports U.S. administrations discussing convening a meeting of Western European states to sponsor direct Arab-Israeli negotiations as alternative to the international conference which King Hussein and PLO insist on, which would include the Soviet Union [JP 9/3].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Bomb explodes at bus stop at Gilo settlement, south of Jerusalem, wounding 6; 11 Palestinians are arrested [JP 9/3]. Abu Musa faction of Fateh reportedly claims responsibility [MG 9/3]. Unidentified people ambush settler's car in Gaza Strip; Israeli police say several bullets hit the car. Several Palestinians detained by police [Fl 9/6]. Stones thrown at Egged bus smash its windshield near Ramallah; 3 Palestinian youths detained and released [Fl 9/6].

Arab World: Gunmen seriously wound Hussayn al-Hayabi, 50, Palestinian guerrilla official loyal to Arafat, after storming his home in 'Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp. Hayabi is 7th Arafat loyalist attacked since July in 'Ain al-Hilweh, and only one to survive [BG,WP,MG 9/3].