Tuesday, September 3, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Farmers from Surif and Jib'a villages near Hebron claim settlers have recently prevented them from entering 2,000 dunums of their land planted with olive and other trees [JP 9/4].

Arab World: Yasir Arafat arrives in Cairo for talks with 'Usama al-Baz, Pres. Mubarak's chief political advisor UP 9/5].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldier Avraham Sorek, 37, stabbed to death, another soldier seriously wounded by two unidentified men in Hebron's old marketplace. Hebron declared "closed military area"; many arrests reported. Sorek is 15th Israeli killed this year, allegedly by Palestinian guerrillas [NYT, WP, LAT, FT 9/4; LT 9/5].

Arab World: Fighting breaks out between Palestinian and Shi'ite militiamen around Burj al-Barajinah refugee camp in southem Beirut [MG 9/12]. Car bomb explodes at a South Lebanon Army checkpost; Israeli sources say only the driver, Ahmad Husayn Khadr, 24, is killed. Pro-Syrian Lebanese Ba'th party claims responsibility, states 30 SLA militiamen died in attack [WP, NYT, PI 9/4]. Beirut radio states SLA gunners shell 10 villages in retaliation [WP 9/4].

Other Countries: Attacker believed to be linked to Black September organization throws two hand grenades into Greek hotel, injuring 18 British tourists. Woman telephones Greek newspaper threatening Black September will "fill Athens with bombs" unless Greek police release Palestinian arrested 8/31 near Jordanian embassy with suitcase full of weapons [PI 9/4].