Monday, September 9, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli authorities close al-Manar press office in Jerusalem for 6 months, following raid on the office and seizure of documents. Israelis claim it serves as a front for the DFLP [JP 9/10; FJ 9/13]. Eleven Palestinians go on trial before a military court in Gaza, charged with killing 3 suspected "collaborators " [JP 9/10]. Knesset bill which would ban "unauthorized" meetings with PLO officials passes first reading [MG 9/10]. Settlers break open a passage between Hebron's main mosque and the marketplace. Israeli soldiers briefly detain the settlers and a press photographer [JP 9/10]. Talks begin between the U.S. Board of International Broadcasting and Israeli officials over the location of a high-powered radio transmitter for Voice of America to be built in Israel [JP 9/9].

Arab World: Jerusalem Post reports 17 Egyptians, including 3 army officers, were arrested last week on suspicion of membership in "Egypt's Revolution," the previously unknown group which claimed responsibility for assassinating Israeli diplomat Albert Atrakchi. Submachine guns, automatic rifles, and ammunition were found in the home of one of the officers, and large quantities of pamphlets with others [JP 9/9].

Other Countries: Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports a new lobbyingroup called Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) has opened offices in Washington, D.C. [JTA 9/10]. Japanese trade officials tell For. Min. Shamir due to changes in the "geopolitical situation," Japan is now willing to discuss economic cooperation with Israel [JP 9/10].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers shoot and wound 3 Palestinian youths in Hebron as they try to run away from ID check. A 12-year-old boy standing nearby is also seriously wounded by a stray bullet [NYT, JP 9/10]. Stones are thrown at an Israeli bus passing through Ramallah; no injuries reported. Ramallah is put under 2-hour curfew [NYT 9/10]. Stones are thrown at a foot patrol near Hebron, slightly wounding one soldier. Soldiers close and search the area. A curfew is imposed [JP 9/10]. A parcel bomb is discovered and defused in Gilo settlement, south of Jerusalem. A gasoline bomb is thrown at a bus stop in Jerusalem, causing no injuries [NYT 9/10].

Arab World: The cease-fire fails and fighting resumes over Burj al-Barajinah camp, called the "second war of the camps"; at least 53 have died and 250 been wounded in the week of fighting [LT 9/10, MG 9/12].