Wednesday, September 11, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Six settlers demonstrate outside offices of al-Fajr newspaper in Jerusalem demanding it be shut because "it serves the PLO" [JP 9/12; FJ 9/13]. Jerusalem Post reports the National Insurance Institute released study showing the number of wage-earning families living below the poverty level in Israel increased 25% last year; 1 out of every 10 breadwinners is now categorized as "the working poor" [JP 9/11]. Energy Min. Moshe Shahal announces Israel will drastically cut oil purchases from Mexico following Mexico's failure to buy an agreed $100 million worth of Israeli exports [JP 9/12].

Arab World: Washington Post reports a 20- member "fact-finding" delegation from the American Jewish Congress has met with Pres. Husni Mubarak and King Hussein in a fact-finding mission to the Middle East. Mubarak and Hussein suggesthe PLO "be put to the test" by the U.S. on the issue of publicly recognizing Israel's right to exist [WP 9/12]. The U.S. should do this by agreeing to meet a Jordanian-Palestinian delegation [LAT 9/12].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli guards storm prisoners in their cells at Gaza prison, using tear gas and clubs, seriously injuring 2. Personal belongings of some prisoners are confiscated. Food and water are denied the prisoners for the following 3 days, and family visits are cancelled [FJ 9/27].

Arab World: Suicide car bomber Mariam Khayr al-Din, 18, rams a checkpoint at Hasbaya, outside the security zone. Casualty reports vary: Israel radio says she killed herself and wounded two SLA militiamen; Syrian Social Nationalist party claims she killed 18 militiamen and 2 Israeli intelligence officers [NYT, LT, LAT 9/12].