Monday, September 23, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: "Ma'aneh" (Response) established to oppose racism; members range from Mapam, Peace Now, to Likud, seek to outlaw Kach demonstrations, suspend Kahane from Knesset [JP 9/24]. High Court of Israel issues order allowing Israel radio to broadcast ads promoting settlement in Eli, in the West Bank; legality of ads to be determined at later date by panel of 3 judges [JP 9/24]. Pres. Mubarak meets Pres. Reagan in U.S., says PLO has already "implicitly" accepted U.S. terms for dialogue [NYT 9/24].

Other Countries: Speaking at opening session of UN General Assembly, Sec. of St. Shultz states U.S. admin. wants direct Arab-Israeli peace negotiations before end of the year [JP 9/24]. Near East Report states 40 congressmen recently sent letter to Pres. Reagan asking him to adhere to policy of not negotiating or recognizing the PLO [NER 9/23].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Nail bomb explodes outside Acre cafe, slightly injuring 1 passerby [JP 9/24]. 122-mm. katyusha lands 4 miles inside Galilee panhandle; no casualties,light damage [NYT 9/25].

Arab World: Israeli troops kill 2 guerrillas in S. Lebanon security belt [NYT 9/24].