Tuesday, September 24, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jamal 'Awad, 18, dies of wounds sustained 9/18 when Israeli soldiers fired at him for reportedly refusing to stop at a checkpoint [FJ 9/27]. 'Umar Shihab, 5, of Gaza is critically wounded by bullets randomly fired by Israeli soldiers near where he is playing [FJ 9/27]. Marwan Jamjum, 20, is shot by Israeli soldiers in the center of Hebron [FJ 9/27]. Women relatives of Palestinian prisoners in Asqalan prison begin hunger strike at Gaza Red Cross offices topressure Israeli authorities into letting them know the condition of their relatives inside the prison [FJ 9/27]. Inquiry ordered by Israel's military chief of staff to investigate claims that Israeli soldiers ordered Palestinian to kiss donkey's backside, and other such harassments, finds the incidents to be "a few isolated cases" which will be dealt with by the commanding officers ofthe offenders [NYT, JP 9/24].

Other Countries: Jerusalem Post reports Sierra Leone has established Israel Friendship Society, headed by deputy minister of transport and communications [JP 9/24].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Meir Braverman shoots and kills mentally ill Hasan Husayn Mashara in Jerusalem after latter allegedly threatened Braverman's wife [JTA 9/27].

Arab World: Jerusalem Post reports PLO Executive Committee, meeting in Baghdad, agreed to accelerate armed struggle in occupied territories [JP 9/24]. Two katyusha rockets land in Galilee, causing slight property damage; rockets were fired from north of S. Lebanon security zone [JP 9/26].