Friday, September 27, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Al-Fajr reports 30 youths from the Golan Heights aged 15-18 were detained early in the month following a landmine explosion near cease-fire line with Syria [FJ 9/27]. Israeli Min. of Labor and Soc. Welfare Moshe Katzav tells cabinet over 18,000 illegal foreign laborers now work in Israel, mainly from Europe, Asia, Africa [JWP 9/27]. For. Min. Shamir, visiting U.S., says Israel will not take anti-apartheid measures against S. Africa [NYT 9/27]. Israeli police announce they will not press charges against Meir Braverman for 9/24 killing of mentally ill Palestinian Hasan Husayn Mashara [JTA 9/27].

Other Countries: Reagan administration announces intention to sell between $1.5 and $1.9 billion of advanced arms, including 40 fighter jets, to Jordan. Pro-Israel activists and lawmakers pledge to defeat the sale during the legislative review period [JP 9/20; NYT 9/30; NER 10/7]. Resolution calling for withholding all nuclear contracts with Israel and embargo on purchases of equipment and materials from Israel is defeated at conference of International Atomic Energy Agency, failing to get 2/3 majority; 41 voted in favor, 30 against, 14 abstained [FT 9/28].