Wednesday, April 23, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Retired Israeli General Avraham Bar-Am, arrested 4/22 in Bermuda for alleged conspiracy to sell U.S. arms to Iran, states the Israeli defense establishment knew of his actions [WP, CT 4/24]. Palestinian political prisoners in Hebron prison suspend 8-day hunger strike after achieving some of their demands [FJ 4/25].

Arab World: Yasir Arafat meets with PLO's Supreme Military Council in Baghdad, they unanimously decide to dismiss 'Atallah 'Atallah (Abu Za'im) from his position as assistant chief of staff of PLO armed forces and from his membership in the Palestine National Council [TS, MG, JP 4/25].

Military Action

Arab World: Christian radio station Voice of Lebanon reports 3 bombs explode in Syrian port of Tartus, killing 1 and wounding 20; 73 persons are arrested, including 15 from the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmuk, near Damascus, among them 2 Fateh officers [JP 4/25].