Tuesday, April 22, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M. Peres tells 21-member Council of Europe, in Strasbourg, that Israel is willing for Gaza Strip residentso be given Jordanian passports, states that the "only framework" that holds promise for peace between Israel and its neighbors and for solving the Palestinian problem is "direct negotiations between a Jordanian-Palestinian delegation and an Israeli delegation" [JP 4/23]. Israeli army sources state there have been 67 incidents of shooting, planting explosive devices, and throwing hand grenades and gasoline bombsince January of this year, compared with 104 during the period between August to December of 1985 [JP 4/23].

Arab World: PLO officials inAmman state Jordan has deported 7 Fateh officers from the Karameh force who sided with Yasir Arafat in conflict with 'Atallah 'Atallah (Abu Za'im) [BG 4/23; JP 4/24]. Reports from Amman indicate that 40 to 100 more Palestinians may be facing deportation as well [FJ 4/25]. Jordan has increased its restrictions on the entry of prominent pro-Fateh Palestinians from the West Bank and is turning them back at the bridges; Jordanian authorities have begun bureaucratic harassment, confiscation of passports at the border, and lengthy questioning of Fateh supporters [JP 4/23].

Other Countries: Seventeen people, including a retired Israeli general, are indicted in New York on federal charges of conspiring to sell Iran more than $2 billion worth of American weapons, in violation of U.S. arms embargo; Israeli embassy denies Israeli govt. involvement in the matter [WP, WSJ 4/23].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli bus driver Shlomo Hatuka, injured in 4/12 attack on his bus near Ramallah, dies of gunshot wounds suffered in the incident [WP, JP 4/23].

Arab World: Two members of PLO are wounded during shoot-out at PLO office in Amman; reports say 'Atallah 'Atallah (Abu Za'im) tried to shoot his way into his office after finding it locked [WP, MG 4/23].