Wednesday, January 1, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli troops raid homes in West Bank, place 5 Palestinians under administrative detention; military spokesman says nearly 100 Palestinians are now under administrative dtention [NYT 1/2]. Demonstrations are held throughout Gaza Strip to mark 21st anniversary of founding of Fateh. Israeli troops use clubs, tear gas, water cannon, live ammunition to break up protests; curfew is imposed on entire Gaza Strip [FJ 1/3; DW 1/4]. One Palestinian is shot and wounded by Israeli troops in Nablus [FJ 1/3]. Israel completes switch to new shekel, equal to 1,000 of the old shekels [WP 1/2].

Arab World: Jerusalem Post reports Fateh's Force 17 commando unit moved headquarters to Cairo last month. (Unit originally relocated to Amman in 11/85, was ordered out by King Hussein) [JP 1/1]. Col. Qadhdhafi warns any Israeli or American reprisal for the Rome and Vienna airport attacks would lead to full-scale war [NYT, WP 1/2].

Military Action

Arab World: Body of second Lebanese Jew killed by Organization of the Oppressed of the Earth is found, following group's statement he was killed in revenge for 12/31 SLA raid on S. Lebanese village of Kunin [WP, NYT 1/2].