Thursday, June 5, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: New Israeli Attorney General Yosef Harish assumes office [BG 6/6]. Antioccupation protests mark anniversary of 1967 occupation: an Israeli settler in Nablus fired at and injured; the city put under curfew; a bomb in Jerusalem injures 2 Israeli women; a telephone caller claims responsibility for both actions on behalf of Fateh's Force 17; explosion in Afula causes no injuries; 2 petrol bombs hurled at Israeli buses in Janin, no injuries; demonstrators at Birzeit University raise the Palestinian flag and stone Israeli army troops, who respond with tear gas; 3 petrol bombs in Gaza are hurled at Israeli army vehicles, no injuries; one Gaza resident is shot in the leg. Meanwhile, several dozen Israeli "Down with the Occupation" activists demonstrate at Damascus Gate; another group of Israelis tries to carry Israeli flag into the Haram al-Sharif compound; a Gush Emunim march of 2,000 proceeds through the Old City and to Mount of Olives [FJ 6/13]. Prominent Israeli real estate agent Avraham Gindi, implicated in major land scam, commits suicide [FJ 6/12].

Other Countries: Italian Parliament votes to recognize PLO as representative of Palestinians [MG 6/6].

Military Action

Arab World: Fighting in south Beirut continues; estimated death toll exceeds 100 [WP 6/6]. Amal leader Nabih Birri calls for ceasefire in recognition of 'Id al-Fitr holiday [MG 6/10]. SLA demolishes 14 homes at Ruman, one mile north of security zone in south Lebanon, in retaliation for ambush [JP 6/6].