Tuesday, May 27, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M.: Thatcher, ending trip to Israel with news conference, says if PLO refuses to renounce terrorism and recognize Israel other negotiating representatives of Palestinian people must be found; says "ultimate solution" to Palestinian problem is federation of Jordan, West Bank, and Gaza [WP 5/28]. In Knesset, P.M. Peres survives four votes of no-confidence over Shalom crisis [LT 5/29]. Six hundred Palestinian prisoners in Junayd prison near Nablus go on hunger strike to protest conditions [FJ 5/30].

Arab World: Syrian V.P. 'Abd al-Halim Khaddam arrives in Moscow to discuss possible attack against Syria and PLO bases by Israel and U.S. Syrian Pres. al-Asad ends Greek visit; joint communique with P.M. Papandreou states Greece will initiate actions within EEC to start dialogue on M.E. solution.

Other Countries: Italian judicial officials issue warrants for arrest of 14 alleged Arab terrorists, including Abu Nidal, in connection with terror incidents in Italy last year [WP 5/28].

Military Action

Arab World: Eight killed and 60 wounded in Amal-Palestinian gunfight at Burj al-Burajinah [LT 5/28].

Other Countries: In London, PLO representative Faisal 'Awayda condemns Thatcher's visit and wams of terror attacks if PLO is left out of peace process [MG 5/28].