Tuesday, September 9, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Taba agreement, condition for Egyptian-Israeli talks, incomplete, jeopardizing Peres-Mubarak talks, scheduled for 9/11 (WP 9/10). Spanish F.M. Francisco Ordonez visits Israel, stresses Spain's commitment to Palestinian right to self-determination during dinner hosted by F.M. Shamir; calls for international conference on Mideast (FBIS 9/11).

Arab World: Frank Reed, American director of private West Beirut school, is kidnapped by Islamic Jihad in West Beirut (WP 9/10).

Other Countries: U.S. Sec. of Defense Weinberger says Karachi Pan Am hijack-massacre looks like work of Abu Nidal, but Defense Department says there is "no connection to Syria or Lebanon here" (WP 9/10).

Military Action

Arab World: IDF warplanes again strike at alleged headquarters of Palestinian Popular Struggle Front near Sidon; at least three are killed (MEI 9/12).