Tuesday, December 15, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Minister of Industry and Trade Ariel Sharon moves into apartment in Muslim quarter of Jerusalem's Old City; merchants close shops in protest [LAT 12/16]. Complete commercial strike closes stores in E. Jerusalem, Nablus, Jenin, Ramallah, al-Birah, and other W. Bank towns [FJ 12/20]. Israel bans distribution of al-Sha'b in W. Bank and Gaza Strip for 12 days [FJ 12/20]. Khan Yunis youth shot 12/12 by Israeli soldiers dies in Barzali Hospital [FJ 12/20]. Palestinian journalists from occupied territories hold sit-in at Arab Journalists' Association's Jerusalem office to protest administrative detention of Radwan Abu 'Ayyash [FJ 12/20]. Israeli police announce capture of 2 Palestinians charged with murder of Israeli soldier [FJ 12/20].

Arab World: Arab League calls for emergency session to discuss Israeli actions in occupied territories [CSM 12/16].

Other Countries: Trial of Ibrahim Khalid, only survivor of 4-man team that attacked Leonardo da Vinci Airport in 1985, opens in Rome. Abu Nidal and Rashid Hamida are being tried in absentia [LAT 12/16]. U.S. calls for Israeli restraint in handling disturbances in W. Bank and Gaza Strip [NYT 12/16]. Israeli Def. Min. Rabin meets with U.S. congressional leaders in Washington [WP 12/19].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF soldiers fire on Palestinian demonstrators at Gaza's Shifa Hospital, killing at least 2, wounding more than 11. Dozens are arrested. Palestinians at hospital attack Western journalists. UN reports 2 Palestinians are shot, killed: 1 at Bayt Hanun, in northern Gaza Strip, and 1 at Dayr al-Balah refugee camp. Palestine Press Service reports another demonstrator is killed by soldiers during protest march from Beach refugee camp to Shifa Hospital [LAT, NYT 12/16]. In W. Bank, demonstrations are reported in Nablus, Bir Zeit, Abu Dis village near Jerusalem, and Qalandiya, Am'ari, and Jalazun refugee camps [FJ 12/20].

Arab World: With tank and helicopter support, Israeli troops move north of S. Lebanon security zone, raid Shi'i villages of Maydun and Kafr Hunah. Lebanese sources report 6 fighters are wounded, 20 captured [NYT 12/16].