Sunday, December 20, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Military orders all government schools in W. Bank closed for 2 days [LAT 12/21; FJ 12/27]. Israeli cabinet discusses violence in the occupied territories, defends army's handling of disturbances [LAT 12/21]. Davar reports police investigation into death of 'Awad Hamdan, Palestinian who died while in police custody, had uncovered evidence suggesting 1of 3 Israeli interrogators was involved in Hamdan's death; other interrogators will be reprimanded for lying to Landau Commission [FJ 12/27]. Israel orders Hebron U., Abu Dis College, and al-'Asriyyah Community College closed for 1 month because of recent student protests [FJ 12/27]. Umm al-Fahm residents protest Israeli measures in occupied territories, call for end to occupation [FJ 12/27]. In meeting with Pres. Herzog, Italy's Pres. Cossiga expresses concern about events in occupied territories [FBIS 12/22].

Arab World: Egypt delivers formal protest of Israel's handling of occupied territory disturbances to Israeli ambassador, the 5th such protest in 12 days. Hani al-Hassan, aide to PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat, arrives in Egypt for talks [NYT 12/21]. In Sidon, 7,500 Palestinian and Lebanese Muslim protesters join in anti-Israel march [CSM, LAT 12/21].

Other Countries: Pope John Paul II appeals for peace in Holy Land, expresses support for Palestinian people [WP 12/21].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Violent disturbances continue in W. Bank and Gaza Strip; at least 6 are shot, wounded in clashes with Israeli troops, 4 of them during large demonstration in West Bank's Far'ah refugee camp [LAT 12/21]. Curfews are imposed on Far'ah and 'Askar refugee camps [NYT 12/21]. Soldiers clash with large demonstration in Ramallah, and Am'ari, Jalazun, and Qalandiya refugee camps [FJ 12/27]. Protesters burn, destroy Egged bus carrying workers from Rafah [FJ 12/27].