Monday, December 21, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinian youth from Beach camp wounded in 12/11 clash with Israeli troops dies in Gaza hospital [NYT 12/22; FJ 12/27]. Def. Min. Rabin returns from U.S. visit [NYT 12/23]. Al-Fajr Arabic daily resumes publication after 10-day closure [FJ 12/27]. Arab and Israeli Hebrew U. students demonstrate outside Knesset in solidarity with Palestinians in W. Bank and Gaza Strip [FJ 12/27]. Military extends closure of Gaza's Islamic U. and Palestine Religious Institute until 12/27 [FJ 12/27]. Israel releases 60 Gazans arrested during recent demonstrations [FJ 12/27].

Arab World: In Cairo, 'Ayn Shams U. students demonstrate in support of Palestinian uprising in the occupied territories [FBIS 12/29].

Other Countries: UN Security Council meeting on recent violence in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip, W. Bank adjourns after PLO and some Arab governments push for more strongly worded resolution against Israel [NYT 12/22]. Midhat Hilali, Arab League official, is shot, wounded by unknown assailant in Athens [FJ 12/27]. Ibrahim Khalid, Palestinian gunman who survived December 1985 attack on Leonardo da Vinci airport, refuses to attend his trial [FJ 12/27].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Inside the green line, hundreds of thousands of Arabs join general strike in solidarity with Palestinians in occupied territories. Israeli police, border guards respond to large demonstrations with tear gas, water cannons. About 200 Palestinians are arrested; 17 Israeli police, border guards injured [WP 12/22; FJ 12/27]. Stone-throwing, tire-burning crowds of demonstrators are reported in Jaffa, Nazareth, Lydda, Ramlah, and Abu Ghawsh. IDF troops fire on West Bank Palestinian crowds throwing Molotov cocktails, killing at least 2 in Jenin-area town of Tubas and 1 in Jenin. At least 22 are wounded by gunfire [NYT, WP 12/22]. Official Israeli death toll of Palestinians killed since 12/9 is now at 19 [CSM 12/22].

Arab World: Israeli and SLA forces raid Hizballah-held villages in S. Lebanon [FJ 12/27].