Sunday, September 20, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Estimated 150,000 members of Israel's Clerks Union begin week-long strike for higher wages [CSM 9/21; JPI 9/26]. Jewish settlers, with protection of soldiers and police, occupy 18 rooms in Jerusalem house leased by Walid Zurba. Settlers claim to have bought the house [FJ 9/27]. W. Bank waqf leaders meet in Jerusalem, decide to boycott anyone who sells, rents, evacuates, or permits other buildings on his property [FJ 9/27]. Board of trustees decides to close al-Najah University until 10/24 [FJ 9/27]. Curfew is imposed on Dahayshah refugee camp after stoning incidents [FJ 9/27].

Arab World: Representatives of all Palestinian factions meet with Amal representative in Tyre to discuss conditions in Rashidiyyahnd Buss refugee camps [FJ 9/27]. Sharif al-Din Birzadah, secretary general of Organization of Islamic Conference, expresses dismay at U.S. decision to close PIO [FJ 9/27]. Al-Husayn Brigade (Lebanon) threatens to attack U.S. and U.S. embassies unless Fawwaz Yunis, Lebanese Shi'i captured by FBI, is released [CSM 9/21].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF soldiers shoot 2 Palestinians at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem after quarrel [FJ 9/27].