Thursday, February 4, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestine Press Service reports death of Palestinian wounded 12/9 in Jabalya refugee camp [LAT 2/5]. Commercial strike in occupied territories continues [FJ 2/7]. Israel orders all government, private, and UNRWA schools in occupied territories closed until further notice [FJ 2/7].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinian guerrillas cross Lebanese border into Israel near Kibbutz Yiftah; 2 Israeli soldiers and 1 Palestinian fighter are killed; 2d Palestinian captured. PLO claims responsibility for attack [LAT 2/5]. In W. Bank, curfews continue in Nablus, old and new 'Askar camps, 'Ayn Bayt al-Ma' camp, Tulkarm, 'Anabta, Bani Na'im, and Balatah, Jalazun, and 'A'idah camps. Hebron-region villages of Dura and Sa'ir are ordered under curfew. Halhul is declared closed military zone. In Gaza Strip, Burayj and Jabalya camps remain under curfew [FJ 2/7]. During fierce clash in Balatah camp, soldiers open fire on stone-throwing demonstrators, wounding 2; another 3 are wounded by rubber bullets. In Sa'ir, 2 protestors are shot, wounded by live ammunition. Military imposes curfew on Hebron after soldier is hit in head with stone [LAT 2/5]. In Yatta, near Hebron, youths force passengers off Israeli bus, set bus on fire. In Burqa, soldiers fire live ammunition at demonstrators, wounding 2. At least 12 are hospitalized for beating injuries in Gaza Strip [FJ 2/7]. After Israeli vehicles are stoned in Shu'fat refugee camp, military raids camp, beating and injuring many residents [FJ 2/7].