Wednesday, February 3, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinian shot 2/1 in 'Anabta dies in Tel Aviv hospital. Military authorities extend closure of all W. Bank schools indefinitely [WP, NYT 2/4]. Shopowners continue commercial strike in E. Jerusalem and most of W. Bank and Gaza Strip [FJ 2/7].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Tulkarm Palestinian is shot to death after allegedly attacking army officer [WP 2/4; FJ 2/7]. Troops use tear gas to disperse Tulkarm crowd demonstrating after rumors that settlers had kidnaped child, broken car windows; curfew is imposed [WP 2/4]. At least 6 are wounded by Israeli gunfire in W. Bank [WP 2/4]. Military seals off 'Anabta after death of woman wounded in clash with troops, settlers 2/1. Nablus and 'Azzah camp are also sealed off [NYT 2/4; FJ 2/14] Military orders 'A'idah camp under curfew following demonstrations. Settlers attack 'A'idah during curfew, clash with residents [FJ 2/7]. Demonstrations are reported throughout Gaza Strip [FJ 2/7].